Michelle Bernier. Dance Artist.

Photo by Adam Riggs.

About Michelle

I am a forward-thinking, twenty-first century mover, and in terms of the many hats I wear, I'm a dancer, choreographer, teacher, filmmaker, arts administrator, event producer,and scholar. Also, the occasional fedora. My career has thankfully found me engulfed in ballet, tap, jazz, modern, postmodern, contemporary, and countless social styles; I no longer prefer to self-identify as a specific type of dancer. I tend to work in companies which endorse a collaborative environment, dismissing the hegemonic, top-down organizational style with other mistakes of the last century. My research and choreographic interests include somatic-inclusive pedagogical methods, dance phenomenology, site-specific experimentation, and the malleability of space-time.

After countless hours agonizing over the biggest questions in life, I finally attained a BA in Philosophy summa cum laude  from the University of Southern Maine.  I then attained an M.F.A.  in Dance Choreography and Performance, with secondary emphases in Somatics and Multimedia Studies, at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Although the latest neuroscience is actually starting to prove our brains are incapable of true multi-tasking, I'm attempting to defy the science, by holding the following positions simultaneously: 

      ~Executive Director of Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema

      ~Tour Ensemble Director at Airborne Dance

      ~Life/Art Dance Ensemble Dancer, Choreographer, and Chair of Board of Directors

Upcoming Performances/Premiers/Projects

UNSEEN FESTIVAL-- Sunday, Sept 29, 2019

This is a neat new festival in Denver that merges experimental film, dance, poetry, and more. I'm presenting a new solo I created on the fabulous Alberta Shulman, as well as a trio created on my students in the Airborne Dance Company.  Tickets and more info available here: http://counterpathpress.org/the-unseen-festival-2019-opening-night-friday-september-20-730pm-2-2-2-2-2-3-2

CONVERGENCE 2019 -- Friday and Saturday, Oct 25 & 26, 2019

I'm thrilled to once again be presenting work at this exciting and unique festival in Denver, produced by Life/Art Dance Ensemble. Sharing the stage with eight other choreographers/companies, I'll be presenting my latest work (the solo on Alberta Shulman mentioned above), as well as stage managing the show. Hope to see you there! More info at: https://www.lifeartdance.org/events.